‘Space Run 3D’ is now ‘Fractal Space’

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Dear players and fans – or both.

It might have been a surprise for you to no longer find the game Space Run 3D on the Google Play Store.
That is because Space Run 3D has now officially been renamed to Fractal Space.

We would like to help you understand our choice of changing the game’s name:

  • Space Run 3D can be misleading to new players: it may give the impression that this game is a runner
  • As we made progress with the game design and story writing, the notion of Fractal became more relevant
  • Fractal Space. Hem. Honestly, sounds better than Space Run 3D 🙂

The other reason behind this change is that another game called Space Run already exists on Steam.
Since we got Greenlit on Steam Greenlight, we couldn’t keep this name.

We hope we helped you understand this sudden change!

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